We are dedicated to creating a safe and nurturing community for women that have suffered or are suffering from addiction, abuse, or trauma of any kind.

The Antonia Maria Foundation is an organization that provides structured spiritually based recovery homes and life skills for women seeking to heal and recover from addiction.


Through our unconventional approaches like empowerment based healing and weekly workshops, we help women clear emotional stress and past traumas. We add real-life skills to the healing process to provide support and resources needed to lead healthy, productive and purposeful lives.

Sober Living Is The Key To Long-Term Recovery

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) reports that the length of time a person spends in substance abuse treatment can directly influence their outcome in recovery.

Generally speaking, treatment of at least 90 days is recommended. The evidence shows that residence in a sober living home led to fewer problems with alcohol and drugs, lower arrest rates, higher employment rates, and more stable housing arrangements that were maintained as much as a year and a half later.

About The Foundation

The Antonia Maria Foundation provides temporary housing, accountability, structure and life skills training for women who are currently experiencing addiction.

The foundation offers evidence-based, client-centered, individualized wellness plans in a safe, loving, nurturing, healing environment.

The loved ones of our residents are secure in the knowledge that their family member/friend is living in a well-structured environment, is being well taken care of, is safe, and most importantly is being held accountable.

We Offer Our Expertise to You

The AMF believes in sharing our knowledge and experience with the community for the greater good of all.

We help you design a customized wellness program and structure to implement in your sober living home to assist your residents to gain the skills they need to design the life they want to live. We also can come to your home or place of business to provide workshops.

Our Healing Approach

Personalized Recovery

Wellness Workshops

Empowerment Based Healing

Interpersonal Skills Building

Community Involvement

Leisure Activities


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million of women have used illicit drugs in the last year.

million of women have misused prescription drugs last year.

million American women are in need of treatment services.

Antonia's Story

Antonia shares what inspired her to help women in need through her foundation. In this video, she will share her personal story about how she found healing through spirituality.

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