828 Livingston Ave
North Brunswick, NJ 08902

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We are located down the street from the heart of New Brunswick’s downtown, home of Rutgers University, Johnson and Johnson and two major hospitals (Robert Wood Johnson and St.Peter’s). There are plenty of conveniences that are walking distance as well as an abundance of resources and job opportunities.

Conducive Residency

A residency that is safe, home-like, with a group of peers will be put in place for house members. The foundation will focus on two key areas in the restructuring of the environment for house members.


Our ecosystem is conducive to healing, growth, and self-empowerment. Through our methods and collaborative approach, our home encourages life-changing shifts through daily activities that build new habits and belief systems.



In this sense, ergonomics implies giving members enough space that makes them just comfortable. The spaces that will be allocated to each house member will be designed to enhance their functionality.


There are bus and taxi services in front of our home and the train station is a 5-minute drive. The NJT originates trains to Penn Station in Midtown Manhattan during peak hours from the Jersey Avenue station in New Brunswick.

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